Our Brands



Antica Home prides itself in sourcing all fashion and homewares from reputable, high-quality production houses both locally and internationally. With an emphasis on originality and sustainability, you can be rest assured that all brands we champion are worth every cent.



ANANNASA was launched in August 2013 by Sher, a talented and enthusiastic designer who has worked many years in various countries in the fashion industry. The collection is always designed from the heart. Anannasa clothing are continuously influenced and inspired by her many travels, sampling different cultures, meeting amazing people and her appreciation for fabulous interiors as well as diverse cuisines. All of these experiences have enabled her to bring the best to her label.

Brave and True

Developed in 2012, the label was initially introduced as a winter component to the Holiday Trading & Co Collective, one of Australia’s most well-known lifestyle companies.Their collections are made for every day, every night, every age, every style, every size, every occasion and every woman. They are inspired by all the exceptional women in the world who are trying to balance their daily responsibilities and still feel beautiful, confident and supported. 

Django and Juliette

Kerrie Munro launched the eponymous Django & Juliette in 2001 to critical acclaim from Australian women, who instantly fell in love with the brand’s unique look and unsurpassed craftsmanship. The brand has deep roots in the Australian shoe industry, with a hands-on history of end-to-end manufacturing in factories in Melbourne. Each new collection is still lovingly designed and developed in Melbourne, with Kerrie personally test fitting all styles to achieve the utmost in comfort and quality for the wearer. 

Frankie & Dash

Created in 2017, Frankie & Dash is a fashion label that endeavors to unite Sustainability, Style & Elegance in their unique designs and prints. With natural fabrics and ethical manufacturing, they create luxurious garments without the impact of fast fashion. Each of their pieces are made thoughtfully and with care.


GDS is a global clothing label offering exquisite and high quality designs at affordable prices. GDS uses fashion designers from around the world to create sensational styles that you will love wearing. And this design house only uses premium fabrics and the highest standard manufacturing to deliver gorgeous fashion. You’ll absolutely adore this label’s unique styles and luxe garments.

Kompanero was founded in 2016 by Claire Jackson, who at the time had already forged a decade-long name in the Australian fashion industry. Every Kompanero collection is piece-dyed – a process which significantly reduces leather wastage and water consumption. Each piece is constructed from ‘crust’, which is leather that has been tanned and dried, but not yet treated with coloured dye. The bags in this raw state are then individually dyed and hand-finished, which not only saves the environment, but also contributes to the uniqueness within each piece that has become their signature appeal.


Montaigne Paris

Montaigne was founded in 2018 by Kate McIntyre. Their goal is to create high-quality, effortlessly stylish wardrobe staples for women of all shapes and sizes.  Designed in Australia and made in Italy - each piece of the Montaigne collection is made with the aim of allowing women their own unique expression, in a way that’s polished yet comfortable.


Orientique specializes in natural fabrics. Their “plant to garment” philosophy means that the cotton , linen and rayon used in all of their garments has been carefully selected from some of the worlds finest mills and woven specifically for the Orientique production. 


T I R E L L I was founded in Melbourne in 2014 with the purpose to provide women with sophisticated designs in wearable shapes crafted from high-quality fabrics. T I R E L L I is a small, family run business that prides itself on designing classic styles that will become timeless wardrobe pieces.


Established in 2016, Worthier is an Australian clothing label that is stylish yet comfortable enough to wear all day. Worthier designers are devoted to bringing the worldwide latest fashion to their customers, AND understands that light and natural fabrics are valued by their customers. Each piece of clothing is made with quality linen or other natural fabrics. More than a clothing brand, Worthier aims to create a lifestyle that is simple and comfortable.