Moda e Cucina

Many of you will know of north Brisbane’s celebrity chef, food entrepreneur Dominique Rizzo. From a time before celebrity chef was a term she appeared on our tv screens on Ready, Steady, Cook. Like our very own Nigella, she is a relatable, yet stunningly beautiful woman inside and out, who is a very talented foodie who cooks like an angel. A passionate italophile who  has made it her life's work to educate us to cook beautiful, fresh, nutritious food.
To cook with ingredients and methods that were novel and new which are now mainstream.  The fact that she has Italian heritage – and Sicilian to be specific  – might be why we have a similar energy and philosophy -  all gung ho and busy!  Antica Home is excited to tell you about our collaborations with Dominique to introduce you to @chefdominiquerizzo, @foodtoursfortravellers, and her #pandemicpantry series. 

COVID tested our resourcefulness with the new distancing rules – so we came up with live video streaming segment called MODA E CUCINA (fashion and cooking)  to be viewed on our respective fb pages. Fashion is everywhere,  in everything you see that is manmade, and looking good and eating beautiful food isn’t mutually exclusive. We all miss getting dressed up and going out for work, a meal, or meeting up with friends.  So we have combined forces to share recipes, ideas, cooking tips along with styling, fashion and lifestyle tips to inspire you to keep your chin up during hibernation. 

For this Dominique and I have similar philosophies –food and fashion should be accessible and what better way to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed  as a cook than to have you wearing relaxed comfortable clothes  and talk  moda e cucinaBYO vino to the sessions to make it a hibernation social interaction and join in with your comments on FB!