The Relaxed Boudoir

If we think of our bedroom as a boudoir rather than a bedroom – we can think of it as a much more seductive and luxurious space in our home.  Bedroom sounds so perfunctory- a room with a bed- it is but the exotic nature it conjures up in our imaginations when we say boudoir – the possibilities are endless.

Just like creating a effortless make up look, can take more effort sometimes than a face of evening makeup with very obvious makeup enhancement- styling your bedroom into a boudoir and an relaxed one at that. Let’s face it the word boudoir doesn’t want to be associated with uptight, neurotic, highly strung individuals - the word itself rolls off the tongue ( pardon the pun ) if pronounced properly the “r” should be rolled off the tongue - with seduction and yoga quality relaxation.

To create a relaxed space – that invites you to lounge on your bed, reading, watching Netflix, breakfasting – even on days it’s not raining – requires some work.  The bed must still be made up too look relaxed – bottom sheet smoothed, tightened and straightened, doona folded back onto itself the top sheet thrown back just enough, not to cover the doona totally, but casually thrown to still see the folds of fabric – to create light and shadow on the bed.  The back pillow fluffed and put into position so it can be seen over the first pillow, sitting up against the wall or bedhead, framing and layering the bed and the colours in it. 

The pillow you sleep on should be fluffed, smoothed and propped up to sit in front,  and some cushions casually positioned in the middle of the pillows to add luxury, colour and layers to the story.  This is where you add some pattern, colour, pop and interest with different heights and shapes. They can be large, square, smaller and rectangular and now even on trend round. Fringing, pom poms, tassels, satin, velvet, checks, plaids, boho and tribal - mix it to create interest and contrast.

On days I imagine myself going back to spend time in my boudoir like a rubenesque muse casually thrown across the bed – not uptight and rigid lying in bed the way a bed is meant to be laid in,  Because in a boudoir – one does not lie horizontal and stay on their side, one drapes over the bed cross ways and takes more room than their allocation. 

On these days, I make the bed in a way that it teases me all day, calling me until lunch time, then to scold me for not making it back and holding true to my promise of – “spending the day in bed”. But we live very busy lives and the weekdays are all about business – those days my bed is made with rigor, function and order. On the weekends it transforms into a boudoir – calling me to my promise of rest and lounging – once I get back from yoga – and then about once every 3 months it truly transforms into a boudoir where the moons align with ambient rain,  candle scents, Netflix, ample chocolate in the freezer,   a can’t put down novel to read and a partner who also has time at his disposal and  after a little while it doesn’t matter how I  made the bed…………..

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